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Authentic Clay Cassole
from Poterie Not Freres

3-Quart - Serves 4


This is the "vrai" cassole, the authentic earthenware pot in which true cassoulet must be cooked. Our cassoles are imported directly from Poterie Not Freres in Southwestern France.

The "vrai" cassole has a distinctive shape, slanted narrow at the base and wide at its mouth to maximize the beans' exposure to the oven's heat and to promote the formation of the dish's signature crust.

Per tradition, the pot is glazed on the inside and around the lip but raw on the outside. The "vrai" cassole is as sturdy and hearty as the white beans that give the cassoulet its soul.

This 3-quart cassole serves four persons easily. 10 1/2" diameter.

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Cassole serving four CAS-4$102.50